My Supreme and Grand Gallery

Presenting the Best of Faerietail Manx


mom is Nicole, her last kitten, dad is Einon.

Red boy, no picture!?! Not in my computer anyway... working on that.


Mom is Shean, dad is Dougal.

RW GC, SGC Faerietail Dark Opal

Her mom is Nicole, dad is Dougal


Nicole is responsible for putting awesome personality and reliability in my lines. Fabulous girl, so sad she died of mammary cancer.

RW CH Faerietail Earthquake McGoon

Earthquake has gone to Amsterdam! No word of any kittens yet... Living with everyone loose in the house last I knew. He hadn't sprayed yet!

SGA Faerietail Delta

LA SGC Faerietail Dougal

LA (Lifetime Achievement) is a title bestowed by TICA on cats that have placed in the top 20 Regional twice, and once International.

Dougal is with us here, still showing and is making the next generations!

GC, QGC Faerietail Guinness

Guinness is living in Texas.

GC Faerietail Fairway Flirt

Flirt is living on the Oregon coast with another from here, Honeysuckle.

SGCA, GRP Faerietail Super Trooper, aka Slim

SGC, GC Faerietail Sorcha

Sorcha is my chest and lap warmer.

SGC Faerietail Metallica, aka Tally

Tally is living near the San Juan Islands.

SGC, RW Faerietail Fizzgig

Fizzgig is living near Chehalis, WA.

SGC, RW Faerietail Cataman Corlett, aka Corley

Corley is living on Mercer Island, WA. I hear he is a sailing cat!

SGC, RW Faerietail Hip Hop

Hip Hop sadly passed on at 17 yrs old, 8-22-2010.

SGCA, RW Cleomar EmAlia of Faerietail

Emma was my main cat, always at my feet.