Brush Your Catís Teeth?! Yes!!

Start by offering a taste of CET poultry or salmon flavored toothpaste (available at vet offices) on your finger. Do this for several days to a week, depending on how much your cat seems to like the paste.

Next, put the paste on the toothbrush and allow the cat to lick and chew the paste from it. Do this also for several days to a week.

Move to holding the head and actually distributing the paste around on the outer surfaces of the teeth. Most wonít want their head held, but will tolerate it nicely. Actual brushing need not take much time at all, just scrub a few times at the back teeth. The bottom teeth just behind the canines are the ones most prone to trouble and, of course, are the toughest to brush due to the jaw moving! Itís worth the effort to get them; in terms of both health and money. The vet offices spend much time cleaning and extracting teeth!

There are other products proving very worthwhile and easy to use. CET also makes an oral hygiene gel that works wonders for inflamed gums. Add Aquadent to the drinking water for self-treatment! Some cats really like the chews, some just hide them under the fridge.