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Modified- 10/21/2015

We have kittens!

Born 3/23/2015

Very playful red silver tabby boy, and he has a ready purr :)

Being called Cheeto :-)

Mom is Dark Opal, dad is Einon, who is now in CA for more showing!

Born 6-26-15, a very funny little black smoke rumpy girl. She has a fur ball where a tail would be, that bobbles about like a pom pom! I've thought of Cheerleader for a name, but think Rah Rah works better!

She is a tough photography subject, I also considered naming her Our Lady of Perpetual Motion!

Born 5-1/15 to Dena and Einon, 3 girls, 2 are white, one is brown tabby and white.The 2 white girls are gone to their home and Arya is going to shows, what a sweetie she is!!

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