New kid aiming high! This son of Dougal and Shean has been shown successfully in CFA and TICA by Shari Millar, Thanx Shari!!

He has a new little red tabby boy on the ground already, mom is Nicole - sadly lost to mammary cancer.

LA, SGC Faerietail Dougal of HappyEndings

Born 1-22-04 of Faerietail Andromeda and CH Kabelkim Coober Pedy of Faerietail.

Dougal (Doo'gl) did quite well in the shows. He is a Lifetime Achievement award winner, Supreme Grand in TICA and a Grand in CFA.

Dougal is 2004-2005 NW Region 7th Best Kitten, 6th Best Cat, and 2nd Best Shorthair Cat.

2005-2006, he is NW Region Best Cat!! AND is 7th Best International Cat!!!

Dougal has earned his Lifetime Achievement Award with these wins.

Dougal has earned his retirement! He is neutered and with Trisha now :_)

Vagary Rasputin

Sire - CH Vagary Percival of Katskans Dam - Vagary Pixy Stix of Ballamoda

born 9-20-07

Raz has moved on to GA, and then we sent Opal to him there! I now have 2 girls from them that I am keeping for my gene pool.