Faerietail Poppit Oh, that face! So beautiful. Sure wish I had been able to get kittens from her. Poppit is a bit shy, she thinks... But she does love a nice lap come TV time in the evening. That's how she became acquainted with Dave. She got outside while I was out of town, and all it took was to open the doors come evening and sit down with the TV on. Then she was there! And has been Dave's special friend since. She would love to have a lap of her own now.

Poppit is so pretty; she gives love nibbles :-} Her sire is Einon, Mother is Sparkler, she is 3 yrs - born June 18, 2015.

CH Faerietail Joja Peach, cream classic tabby born Oct 11, 2013, she just turned 5.

Once she gets over her bit of shyness, Joja will dance for food at mealtime ! She then will jump up to hands for pets. She is a sweet girl with a pleasant little purr.

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