Faerietail Naughty Nanny, such a sweetheart with a ready purr. Sire is RW, QGC Minusdetails Blue Bubbler, mom is DGC Faerietail Phat Bottom Girl. Born 9-13-12, she's had a litter and given me a little girl I think I'll keep! So Nanny can have a lap of her own!

We may go out for some shows again!

Phanny is so pretty, especially with her odd eyes! Her sire is Rasputin, Mother is Mirrhi.

Being deaf, she mostly isn't afraid of things, but is really into playing with shadows, lights and reflections. She has a showable riser and a pleasant way about her. We have developed sign language that works better than hearing cats!

This girl has turned into such a funny baby, she turns on and rides Swee'pea, our robot vacuum. She is just fearless about anything, I love it!! Still loves shadows and light shows : )

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