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Brush Your Cat's Teeth?
How to save money and keep cats healthier longer!
Raw feline diet.
Another way to possibly extend the health of your cat and wealth of your pocket!
Manx Supreme and Grand Gallery
Our brightest Manx stars and loves!
My Policy on Manx Placement
info on placement age, etc.
Visit TICA for breed standards, show info, and much more!
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Faerietail Manx Cattery

Faerietail is a real Manx cattery. It is not Devon Rex. My Devon Rex cattery is Facehuggers.
Much info from several sites and many pictures of Devon kittens were scraped to cobble the site together.
Another is I've made a complaint with Google about Gmail being used for wire fraud. He is using CashApp and has tried Zelle. I'm trying to make Paypal aware of this, too.
We need to make as much noise about this as possible.
A scam shipping company is
Report scams to†† this last one actually goes after the scam sites.

And now for something completely different:

This is from Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

Manx kittens and Manx cats Manx breeder
Feline Dental Health Raw Feline Diet

We started small, with Cleomar EmAlia of Faerietail. I started 
the Veterinary Technology Program at Pierce College at the same time.
Emma gave us a litter of four kittens in my first year of school, and 
during my second year, went to Georgia for a breeding. Thank goodness 
I was preoccupied with schooling, she was gone for 9 months!

Once I graduated (with honors,) I began planning my barn/cattery.
I'm sure the scope of the plan scared my husband! The cats have a 
four-room apartment out there, with heat, water, small kitchenette and 
isolation ward. We have grown since then, adding some outcrosses and 
deciding to focus on a certain color. Now I have my silver classic 
tabby male, as well as two black smoke boys to work with toward the 
silver classic tabbies.

SGC, RW Cleomar EmAlia of Faerietail / Faerietail Future Shock

Lyssa ( remove ''.invalid'' from address )
! Be sure to put "Manx" in the subject line !
Registered Veterinary Technician
Greater Seattle area
United States

A Standard Contract
right click here, hit save link as, save to disc, then print

Here is a blank of my standard contract. Many items do not apply to a
pet purchase, the most important to me are that all are kept indoors 
only, that FIP vaccination NOT be given, and that no declaw be done. 
Cat or Kitten Contract
Cat or Kitten Contract Breed _________________ Color ______________________________Sex_________ Name ___________________________________________________________________ Birth Date ____________ Litter Reg # or Reg # __________________________ Sire ___________________________________________________________________ Dam ____________________________________________________________________ Sold to ________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ Telephone _________________________ E-mail _____________________________ For the following price and/or terms ___________________________________
Purchaser agrees to the following:
1. Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased
or given away, or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.
2. This cat or kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside.
3. Purchaser guarantees that any other cats he/she owns, or will own , are free
of Feline Leukemia and other serious contagious diseases.
4. Purchaser will inform Seller if this cat ever develops any major health problems.
5. Purchaser will inform Seller of any changes of address, phone,
and e-mail, if applicable. Seller will notify of same.
6. This cat or kitten is purchased for Pet __________ Breeding __________ Show ___________
7. If purchased as a pet, Purchaser agrees to castrate or spay this cat
between the ages of 6 months and 1 year, or within 30 days after purchase
if this is an adult cat, and agrees and guarantees that this cat
or kitten WILL NOT be used for stud or breeding.
8. If this cat or kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated,
Purchaser will surrender said cat or kitten to Seller, unconditionally.
9. Seller agrees to provide pedigree and registration papers for this cat
or kitten upon presentation of a veterinarianís certificate
of castration or spay. Yes ______ No______
10. This cat or kitten cannot be shown without written permission of the Seller.
11. If this cat is purchased as a breeder, Purchaser agrees not to resell
the cat for breeding to anyone unless approved by the Seller.
This cat will be bred only to registered (_______) which are
certified free of diseases by a licensed veterinarian.
12. If this cat is purchased as a breeder male, Purchaser agrees not to use this
cat for outside stud service, except as follows:
13. Distemper/Upper resp. complex vaccs. 1st ________ 2nd _________3rd _________4th _________
FeLV vacc. 1st ________ 2nd _________ Rabies vacc. ________________________________________
14. Purchaser has three working days to have the blood test on this cat,
or kitten for feline leukemia virus.
15. Seller makes no guarantees as to the health or show quality of this cat
or kitten, except as follows:
This cat is in excellent health and is free of FeLV/FIV and parasites.
If within 4 days of purchase, a veterinarian certifies a disease or
condition stemming from the Sellerís cattery, Purchaser may return the
cat for either a full refund, medical care until the problem is resolved,
or a partial allotment for care which Seller can obtain.
16. This cat or kitten is being fed _homemade raw_________________________________________
17. Purchaser will NOT de-claw and will NOT vaccinate for FIP.
18. Purchaser will provide annual well pet exams, boost vaccinations,
and provide other medical care as recommended by the veterinarian;
such as blood work and dentals.
19. Purchaser agrees that any legal action as a result of this contract will
take place in King County, Wa. Purchaser assents to personal
jurisdiction within such venue and any judgment obtained
is enforceable within the jurisdiction in which they reside as if
obtained within that jurisdiction
Other conditions of sale are as follows:
___________________________________________________________ Purchaserís signature indicates full agreement of all above conditions.
Purchaser ________________________________________________________ Date ________________
Seller ______________________________________________________Date ________________